Types of door locks

The door is the main point of entry into your home. As such, you have to ensure that you use strong locks to prevent unauthorized entry. When it comes to thebest types of locks for windows and doors, there are different types that you will find on the market. The door lock that you choose will depend on the material and type of your door.

Mortice sash lock

The mortice sash lock is used in timber doors. It combines a handle-operated latch and mortice lock. It means that you can shut or open the door without using a key. You can then lock the door with a key on your way out of the house. There are different levels of locks at your disposal. You can choose from 3 tier level to 5 tier level with level 5 being the highest. The 5 level sash locks are mostly used for back doors or in places where you need high-security levels. The three lever locks, on the other hand, can be used for internal doors which need locks that have a key. Make sure that you buy a high-quality mortice.

Mortice deadlock

The mortice deadlock is suitable for timber doors. It is used in front doors together with a night latch operated using a key. Therefore, you can use it without any problem at all. The deadlock is fitted at the waist height and provides you with the security you require. Using the lock, you can lock the door both from outside and inside.

Night latch

The night latch lock is also used in timber doors. It is used for securing external entrance doors and front doors. It is usually mounted on the inside at shoulder height. It has a latch mechanism that ensures that your door remains closed at all times. The latch has a spring that allows you to open the door with ease. The rim cylinder is fitted on the outside of the door. There are different kinds of night latches that enable you to open the door when you are outside. You need to choose the one that will give a high level of security.

Rim cylinder

The rim cylinder door lock is used for the timber doors. The rim cylinder is a mounted key that uses a brass barrel fitted in a hole in the door. The cylinder is usually connected on the night latch. The rim cylinder cannot be used alone; it has to be used together with the night latch. It enables you to open the front door using a key. The rim cylinder will turn the latch from the inside. When the night latch is new, it comes with a rim cylinder. However, you can buy the rim cylinder replacement if the is a need to do so.

Euro cylinder

The euro cylinder is meant for use on PVCu doors. It can also be used on some timber doors. You can replace the euro cylinder with a lot of ease. You can change the locks by changing the euro cylinder. When you are buying the euro cylinder, you have to make sure that you know the type, security, and size that you need. Contact Manchesterlocksmith.org.uk for further information.

Choosing a Mobile Locks Service Provider

When choosing a mobile locks service provider, it is the best to look for one that offers the most services at the most affordable prices. Before even deciding hastily which locks service provider to choose, you will want to do comparisons with other locks service providers in the town that could probably offer a much better pricing or more services as compared to the one you’ve decided on.

  • Services. Each locksmith is different, so it’s important to ask and check with them for the services provided. Some provides a wide range while some are fixed on repairing locks. It is best to know so that you know who to call in case of emergency situation
  • Cost. Some locks service provider charges higher due to the transportation fees for after-hour services. Remember to check with them for extra charges and make sure to let them know that you will not pay anything more than what you ask for! This is why scams happen frequently because the locks service provider will feign ignorant and the work is done so you’ll end up paying a ridiculously high price for a normal repairing of lock.
  • Reputation. Reputation and credibility of a locks service provider is important. A reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith should not let you wait all night long and yet did not appear at all. You certainly do not wish to deal with such locks service providers especially during emergency whereby you need one badly.
  • Recommendations. Check with your family members and friends for recommendations. If a locks service provider is really good, the return hire rate will be higher and therefore much more reliable. Plus, it’s a recommendation from someone you know therefore it’s safer as well since you do not have to worry about scams or exorbitant charges.
  • Find out if they are insured. In case they accidentally damaged your property (e.g your door or your gate), you’ll at least be insured and receive some money back. It is important for your locks service provider to be insured so as to cover your losses should any damage occurs.

Once you’ve found the locks service provider you desired, keep their name card in your wallet or your car. Having extra name cards from them would be good too so that you’ll have a lower chance of losing it.

The best case scenario is to have at least one or two locks service provider’s contact number so that if one is incontestable during times of emergency, at least you have another as backup. As there are many locks service provider scams, it is important for you to pick a reliable locks service provider and make sure to check for their certifications, ID and their license before letting them in your house.

Securing your house while on vacation

The last thing you need is to worry about your house when you on holiday. To avoid such issues from taking place, you need to secure your home. If someone is watching your property at close range, then it will give you the peace of mind you need. In case you are new to the area, and you have not built a rapport with your neighbors, you can reduce the risk of burglars. Here are useful tips that you can use to secure your house when on vacation.

Don’t brag about the trip

Only a few people should know about your upcoming trip. The majority of the break-ins take place when the burglars know what is in your house. When you tell people about your journey, then visitors can get an excuse to enter your home and check the security features around your home. Therefore, you should not be carried away by the emotion and announce that you are going on a trip. You only share the information with people that you trust.


Your valuable possessions should be kept in a safe place when you are traveling. Your valuables are items that you cannot replace like jewelry. You can look for a safe place to put your valuables. You can even opt for dropping them off at another location. You should not risk losing your valuable items when you will not be at home for some time.

Spare keys

If someone knows where you place your spare keys, then they can get into a home easily without any effort. Mostly people hide their spare keys under the door mat or flower pot thus it can be easily found by the burglars. The spare keys should remain out of sight once you have locked all doors and windows. Never leave your spare keys outside.

Ensure landscape is trimmed

If you always mow your lawn every week, then you should not leave it to look neglected. It can be noticed that you have travelled if your lawn is overgrown. If you are going away for a long time, then you need to hire someone who will take care of your landscape. You can even ask your friend, and you will give him compensation once you come back from your trip.

Install security features

Installing the security systems will go a long way into keeping your home safe. The security features can work anytime when you are awake or on vacation. The security systems are a good way to keep thieves away from your property.

Disconnect the power

The electronics you should not leave on the power source such as coffee pot, desktop, and television. Furthermore, you will save money when you switch off the power on the electronic devices. It will also eliminate the worry about the electrical appliances such creating problems at home.

By following the above tips, there is no doubt that your home will be safe even when you stay on vacation for a long time. You can rest easy because you will find everything just the way you left it.

Alarm Your Garage to Improve Your Garage Security

Garages were originally meant to protect vehicles. Garages are in some cases extensions of homes where cars and motor bikes are parked. They are normally a part of the independent building. They were originally designed to protect the vehicles of the owner. With mortgages getting increasingly difficult, garages are becoming the humble extended living spaces for several families. Garage is also the family den where the work benches filled with tools lay intact. Many people also remodel the garage for use as an office to work in a home based business. For whatever reason that garage is being used for, garage security is an important parameter.

Lock the Garage Doors

The first step to ensuring garage security is to lock the doors. Locking your garage doors is important to protect the stuff inside the garage from thieves. However, thieves can break open in to the garage doors even when they are locked. They can break open the locks and enter the garage. In some cases, they can take shelter in to the garage and they can spy in to the happenings at the home to plot a break in to your homes. Therefore, high-tech locking systems become important.. Reinforced service doors, overhead doors and windowscan increase the security factor of the garage.

Alarm the Garage

Getting to know of an intruder is the first step in preventing a theft. Installing alarm systems goes a long way in securing your garage. Garage alarm is a great way to keep your garage safe from those intruders. If you should have a safe garage it is best to get an alarm for your garage. The garage alarm will tell you if your alarm is open or not. Advanced garage alarms come with audio and visual features as well. There are different models of garage alarms, some of them will help you to be able to monitor nearly 4 different zones, and you can monitor all of them in one time. When there is an intruder, the alarm will give out a siren, and there will be lights that will flash.

Garage Door Remote versus Keychain Remote for Garage

Do not leave the garage remote in an easily accessible area. If the thief is going to get access to the garage remote things are not going to be admirable. With a garage remote, the thief will be able to gain an easy access in to your home.

Keychain Remote Opener

You might want to consider buying a keychain remote opener. Using a keychain remote opener, is a very convenient way to open your garage door.

  • The door remote is a great way to know if you have closed your garage door.
  • The master remote is a 3 button remote that is compatible with most of the overhead doors.
  • There are 3 button remotes that will be able to operate up to 3 garage door openers
  • There are also 1 button remotes that you will want to consider too.
A look on different kinds of security systems available

Whether you own a luxurious apartment or office premises, security is the major concern so that there would be no affect on your work and lifestyle. Now a day’s technology has growing up rapidly that reduces the requirement to hire manpower for all the time. Everyday new inventions take place in almost every area. There are wide ranges of equipments that are made for security purpose having the top class specifications.

When it comes to differentiate between security systems then you need to consider the below mentioned categories:

Home Automation:It consists of the capability to control a variety of actions in your home ahead of basic security which consist of thermostat settings, switching lights on and off etc.

Installation: it includes the ways process of installation of security equipments.

Monitoring: it is the method with the help of which the system can be able to communicate with the authorized monitoring centre.

These categories are described here to help you out to find the best suitable company and system for you.

Home Automation

Automation of Home is innovative. In this way, you will get the power of controlling your home remotely from anywhere with the help of the web-enabled gadgets or Smartphone. With this technology you will have the power to control the thermostat; lighting and small appliances as well as you can remotely disarm and arm your system. You can also watch the live video surveillance that makes you feel that you are at home. There are various companies who offer various security equipments.


There are some companies who offer various kinds of equipments and you have to select the one as per your convenience. Paradoxevo is the brand among several security provider companies that offer high tech security services. You can take the devices that need professional help for installation you can also make the selection of devices that you can install yourself. There is no requirement for professional installation in case of DIY systems as you can easily install the same on your own. If you prefer to take the equipment that requires the help from professional then you need to pay some installation fee to him. But the major advantage of installing the device from professional is that there will be no risk of mistakes at the time of installation process. The professional will take the responsibility to answer all your questions and he will ensure the proper setup of the device.


You have to be sure that all of your system will be able to correspond efficiently with your monitoring centre 24 hours a day, if there is an emergency. You need to choose the appropriate system that can be able to get in touch with the monitoring centre at the time of triggering the alarm. Hence, this system is a great security system which will safeguard your house.