Volunteering with WLV Union

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Join the Volunteer Squad

Would you like to help out in the local community? Would you like to help the Union promote its activities? Do you have an interest in Union campaigns? Would you like to raise money for charity with the help of the Union?

Then you should join the WLV Volunteer Squad.

Volunteering Opportunities

The WLV Union has a number of opportunities available for you to volunteer with an outside organisation. All of our opportunities are assessed to make sure they are of quality and enhance your student experience. We work in partnership with local organisations to offer some great opportunities fo community engagement.


BestMates are otherwise known as Freshers Volunteers, they help new students during Welcome Week at the beginning of each academic year. Any returning student can apply to be a BestMate and we then select the ideal candidates to represent the Union and the University and welcome the new intake of University of Wolverhampton undergraduates.

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The University of Wolverhampton Volunteering Certificate aims to recognise all volunteering that is carried out by students and staff at the university, whether you are a casual volunteer completing only a few hours of volunteering or a long-term volunteer who commits a large proportion of your time to volunteering. Register for the certificate and get recognition for your volunteer work.

Volunteering Handbook

As a volunteer with WLV Union you are covered by a number of Union policies and procedures. To discover more about these or for any information about volunteering please get our Volunteering Handbook.