Welcome to the Student Voice website. The Student Voice System is a partnership between the Students’ Union and the University to ensure students have the opportunity to express their views and participate in decisions that affect them.

The Student Voice System is dedicated to encouraging students to get involved with the running of their courses, their schools and their Students’ Union.

How can you get involved?

The Students’ Union and the Student Representative Council section explains how the Students’ Union is run and how you can get involved.

The School Reps and Course Reps section explains how you can make a difference to the running of your course and your school by putting yourself forward as either a School Rep or a Course Rep. The former represents students at school-wide meetings, the latter at course or group meetings.

Become a student rep and make a difference An effective representation system depends on the Students’ Union (SU), the student reps (school reps and course reps), the University staff (e.g. course leaders and student liaison officers) and the students working together to improve the student experience.

School reps represent students’ views at School level, while course reps represent students’ views at course level. Course reps should feed information to the School rep where appropriate, and there should be regular meetings to update each other. All reps sit on the School’s Student Council. See School and Course Reps for more information.