School & Campus Rep Elections 2010

Welcome to the School & Campus Rep elections 2010!

Each year the student body elects who they want to represent them the following year within their school and on their campus. These elected students have passion, dedication and a desire to ensure students get the best from their experience at university, but they’re also students who want a year of personal development and unique opportunities.

All these positions are part-time so they can be done alongside your course next year. They’ll also secure you a place on Union Council, which means you’ll have a vote on Union policy and campaigns as well as having the opportunity to hold the Union’s Executive Committee to account.

So if you’re the kind of person who thinks they can make a positive change and improve the student experience, why not run for a School or Campus Rep position; it could be one of the best decisions you make during Uni!

Here at the SU, we’re trying to make our elections much more accessible for students, with simpler, more user-friendly nomination packs and more information available on the website. For more information on the elections just hover over the tab on the left labelled Rep Elections 2010 to go to the section you’re interested in. Go on- have a look through and consider standing for one of the positions.