About Us

The University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union (UWSU) is the representative body for over 23,000 students enrolled at the University of Wolverhampton. We are run by an Executive Committee, which consists of a President and four full-time Vice Presidents – all five are also trustees of the organisation – and up to nine part-time non-sabbatical officers. These posts are elected annually by a cross-campus ballot, so we are run for students, by students.

Student Voice

The Student Voice is a partnership between the SU and the University of Wolverhampton to ensure you, as a student, have the opportunity to express your views and participate in decisions that affect you.

The Student Voice is dedicated to encouraging you to get involved with the running of your course, your school and the SU by, for example, becoming a student rep.


We are committed to the welfare and safety of all our students. Throughout the academic year, various campaigns are run by the Executive to raise awareness of issues and to encourage students to be more responsible for their own health, safety and welfare. We are here to campaign for the changes you want to see, with special attention to liberation groups, celebrating diversity, student welfare and the student environment.

Advice and Support Centre (ASC)

The Advice and Support Centre offers general advice on university life and specialist advice on issues such as housing, finance, international and academic concerns. The ASC is affiliated to, among others, Citizens Advice and can take on casework on your behalf if you need help to resolve your difficulties.

Clubs and societies

You can sign up to any of the wide range of clubs and societies that are run for students by students. These are a great way for you to meet people who share the same interests or to try something new. There are over 30 societies including the Wolverhampton Gaming Society, the Student Media Society and the Cry Wolf Society.


Around 25 sporting and recreational clubs cater for a variety of interests, from our popular football and rugby clubs, to a whole host of minority sports. For a small annual fee, a student sports card allows students to join the Athletic Union (AU) clubs.


We organise one-off events such as Fresher’s Fayre and the Summer Ball and we link up with entertainment providers in the local area to provide student-friendly nights out. In the day time, come along to our Zone Extra games room on City Campus to play pool and Wii games, grab a snack or simply chill out.

The Activities Centre

The Activities Centre on City Campus is a smart, hi-tech area with PC access, free wireless connectivity for laptops and a social learning space. You can come along to chat with your elected Sabbatical officers in the Activities Centre about any issue that you feel effects you as a student.


We work in partnership with the University to oversee the different stages of the University of Wolverhampton Volunteering Certificate for students who complete the required number of volunteering hours. The certificate can help you show potential employers that you have undertaken extra-curricular activities to develop your skills.

NUS Extra

The NUS Extra Card is the official discount and benefit card of the National Union of Students. You can register for a NUS Extra card by visiting the Activities Centre on City Campus or by going to the official website www.nus.org.uk